General Building and Services

Tecta Costruzioni provides a 360-degree service, fulfilling many different functions. Its main services are:

  • Building contractor: thanks to our expertise, every step in the organisation of the worksite is planned down to the last detail to ensure the smooth running of the building works.
  • General contractor: we handle every aspect of the project, so it is our aim to bring the project to completion managing procurement, tradesmen, installation of the different systems, the exteriors, the interiors and the testing phase.
  • Facility management: this includes the maintenance and enhancement of properties, organising regular scheduled maintenance and any extraordinary interventions needed.
  • Having complete supervision over all activities, from design to execution and the subsequent management of the property, means we can guarantee the quality of the work and, equally important, be your single reference point for the project.
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Building contractor

Site organisation and management are carried out by technicians and a specialised, highly professional workforce.

General contractor

Once we have received the customer’s requests, we manage and coordinate the development of the project.

Facility management

We offers facility management services, assisting you in the maintenance and enhancement of your property. These services include both regular and extraordinary maintenance.

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