We look at the present while building the future while respecting the environment and future generations

In our work and interventions we pay particular care and attention to the inclusion of systems that promote energy saving and the use of renewable sources. We also prefer the use of non-polluting and easily recyclable materials in the future. The properties we build are inserted into the surrounding landscape, contextualising and harmonizing them with it, providing for the creation of external green areas and measures to contain CO2 emissions.
We concretely support sustainable urban development, with the aim of an efficient, rational and sustainable use of resources, to improve the experience and well-being of people today and tomorrow. We believe that innovation is the basis of personal and corporate growth. We are committed to acquiring cutting-edge technological skills to develop innovative ideas and improve our daily activities, in terms of greater safety and lower environmental impact. We do this through processes, solutions, technologies and materials capable of reducing the consumption of energy and natural resources, avoiding or limiting the impacts deriving from our activities.
We are committed to acting and building sustainably, minimizing environmental impact and optimizing the use of energy and natural resources.

"Responsible" buildings
Tecta Costruzioni srl has received several BREEAM awards which certify the sustainability of the buildings constructed and which ensure the adoption of effectively sustainable practices not only in the design and construction phase of the buildings, but also through the subsequent management and maintenance processes.
Energy saving
Renewable sources
Balance with world
Green areas
Value & costs
Some of our green measures
Photovoltaic panels

We offer properties that use alternative energy points, proposing photovoltaic systems with dimensional power to satisfy the minimum consumption of the same buildings up to powers that also allow the sharing of the extra energy produced on the network, thus making a real contribution to the global reduction of use of fossil fuels.


The BMS consists of the remote management of air conditioners allowing the monitoring and control of consumption and consequently of their costs; furthermore, this system allows intelligent management of the internal and external lighting of the property in order to in order to independently manage consumption and therefore the related costs.

Heat island reduction

For the external areas of our properties we study specific solutions with the planting of trees and tree species to reduce heat islands.

Use of rainwater

We reuse rainwater, we design and create integrated systems that allow the capture of water and its reuse for irrigation purposes and for sanitary waste.

Use of recyclable materials

In our projects we always propose the use of recyclable and low CO2 emission materials in their production phase with the aim of creating properties with a reduced footprint of polluting emissions.

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Thanks to our efforts, we do not just respect the environment, our main priority, but we can also provide the certifications our customers require.


Our use of locally sourced resources and materials is testimony of our forward-looking mindset.