Tecta Costruzioni &
General Contractor

20 years of experience
Your ideal partner for large-scale construction projects

Tecta Costruzioni has more than 20 years of experience in the construction field and it is driven by the passion and the experience of its three founding partners.
It offers a 360-degree service, working with engineers, architects and highly specialised technical staff who have experience in industrial-logistical, management, retail and health sectors and can guarantee the perfect execution of a project to the highest professional standard.
Tecta Costruzioni offers expert and specialised services, including feasibility studies, architectural and structural design, economic evaluations, property redevelopment, general contractor services, facility management and testing.
Thanks to its partnership with Basso Servizi Immobiliari, a consulting firm specialised in the sale of properties, areas to be urbanized and building lots, Tecta can guide you through every step of your project, from the beginning to the end.
Tecta currently operates in Italy but has plans to expand onto the global market.

From design to delivery the turnkey property,
Tecta is your only interlocutor in the realization.
We guarantee sure times and respect of the fixed budget.

Our values

Tecta Costruzioni uses state-of-the-art technologies and innovative materials that respect the environment, helps customers save money and encourages optimization by delivering custom properties.
Buildings have construction flexibility and follow the evolution of the market to find out their place in the future.


Our professionals have specific technical expertise in design and construction, properties delivering and engineering works of the highest standard.


Tecta’s high-performance solutions and cutting-edge ideas mean it always comes up with the best design and construction results, accomplishing their projects on time and helping their customers achieve their goals.


Tecta keeps up with the latest innovations in the sector and sources materials to achieve the perfect combination of demand, innovation and future.

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Certifications are the key to consolidating a company’s reputation.

Looking to the future

All our builds are responsible builds. Looking after our planet is a key aspect of the company’s code of ethics.